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Uno más en casa

Aromaterapia para hogares con mascotas: Aceites y difusores

¿Por qué no disfrutar de los beneficios de la aromaterapia a la vez que relajamos a nuestras mascotas? Un difusor ultrasónico de humedad con aroma de aceites esenciales hará todo el trabajo.
aromaterapia hogares con mascotas
Aromaterapia para hogares con mascotas
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Whether it’s a dog or a cat that is your furry friend, aromatherapy for homes with pets will be perfect for you.

Here we will tell you what are the best options to enjoy a relaxing aroma throughout your home. Well, believe it or not, a soft and rich smell can help you and your pet reduce anxiety. It is a perfect therapy to manage stress, behavior problems and even certain pathologies.

In addition, it will hide or reduce the odors given off by the animals that live with us and that of their food. Your home with pet will have a delicious, natural and relaxing aroma.

Benefits of aromatherapy for homes

The benefits of aromatherapy are many and if you apply them at home, well, you will see that both your pet and the rest of the household members will “vibrate” with another energy. Aromatherapy for home with pets is based on the use of essential oils that collaborate in healing the body and mind . This applies to both a dog, a cat, and of course, humans.

 We will detail the benefits of this aroma therapy for your family, pets and home:

  • Eliminates the bad smell of the environment.
  • Humidifies and refreshes the atmosphere.
  • Collaborates in controlling stressful situations.
  • Avoid shocks in case of bad weather or loud sounds.
  • They free you from microorganisms, allergens and dust.

Aromatherapy for homes with pets: 3 ultrasonic diffusers

Aromatherapy products for homes with pets are very easy to use. These are essential oils that are extracted from plants and only a couple of drops should be placed in the appropriate container (diffuser, humidifier). Then, the device is turned on (depending on how the aromatizer works) and the aroma does all the work.

Remember that, for aromatherapy in homes with pets to have an effect, it is important that you add essential oils from specialized brands and 100% natural to your purchase. This way you will be avoiding those that contain chemical contaminants that could harm your faithful friend and other family members.

Before starting your therapy with oils and diffusers, check out our tips for safe use in homes with pets at the end of this article.

Cecotec PureAroma oil diffuser humidifier

Cecotec PureAroma humidifier  has a large capacity of 500 ml, which allows it to be used for a long time without having to refill the tank. In addition, it has a large coverage area of ​​​​30 m² and lighting with 7 LED colors for a perfect relaxation environment.

Nuestra elección

Inteligente, elegante y funcional

Difusor de aromas programable con pantalla, altavoz y control por bluetooth. Alcance de 30 metros y 7 luces LED. Con 3 modos de funcionamiento para regular la intensidad de la salida de vapor.

34,00 €

You program its timer for up to 12 hours and you forget, after its programmed operation it will turn off by itself. And you control all its functions and settings from your smartphone with its application. You can also play your favorite songs thanks to the built-in speaker and use it as an alarm clock .

Its LED screen that shows the time allows you to configure other functions of the diffuser such as the alarm, its 3 operating modes (Low, Medium and High) and the timer.

Essential Oil Diffuser for Homes with Pets TOPESCT

The TOPESCT essential oil diffuser for homes with pets  is a humidifier with the perfect size to place it in any corner of your house. It is ultrasonic and you can find it in different colors. Manufactured without BPA and its power supply is through an electrical cable. This air freshener is lightweight and can work continuously for six hours , guaranteeing a good aroma in all spaces.

Nos gusta

Economía y prestaciones

Difusor ultrasónico con 10 horas de autonomía y apagado automático. Humidifica estancias de hasta 60 metros. Con 2 modos de niebla y 8 colores de luces LED. Control remoto.

22,99 €

The seven changing LED lights on this essential oil fragrancer turn on at the push of a button, creating a more relaxing environment for people and pets alike. The 500 ml essential oil diffuser uses the latest ultrasonic technology. It is very elegant, practical and decorative. It is also quiet and easy to use.

Can be easily set time via controller,   change mist mode to strong and weak mist. This design is safe and can be used very easily.

You can add Esslux natural essential oils to your order, which contains these scents: Cypress, Cedar, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Frankincense and Nutmeg. Only with natural ingredients; Esslux works with farmers around the world to source only premium quality plants and carefully turn them into the purest essential oils.

aromatherapy homes with pets 6 essential oils

Aromatherapy Humidifier for Homes with Pets WD&CD

The aromatherapy humidifier for homes with pets must be adjusted for correct operation. In this case, the WD&CD Essential Oil Air Freshener is a low light, perfect for skittish pets or puppies. It is a very aesthetic scent, as it looks like a wood grain with really beautiful details.

Nos gusta

Ecológico y ultrailencioso

Con un diseño ecológico de vetas de madera y sin BPA, crea una atmósfera silenciosa de menos de 35 dB. La intensidad de sus 7 luces LED es baja, dieal para el momento del sueño.

27,59 €

Its power supply is also through an electrical cable and the duration of operation is up to eight hours . Half a full day with a rich and healthy aroma for the whole family.

It has three time settings and seven LED lights . You can easily press the mist button to choose a timer setting as you like (1 hour / 3 hours / 6 hours). You can also press the light button to adjust the 7 LED lights (steady on / color changing).

Ultrasonic technology delivers a stable, fine cool mist that keeps the living space clean and properly hydrated. A quiet atmosphere of less than 35 dB can create a more peaceful sleeping environment.

Aurmoo aromatherapy purifier for homes with pets

Aurmoo Air Purifier isa 500ml ultrasonic humidifier with seven color LED lights and auto shut off. This ultrasonic air purifier and humidifier can work for 15 hours (at low mist level).

Nos gusta

El difusor de aceites más versátil

Permite elegir un modo de niebla (alto o bajo) y un modo de luz (tenue o brillante) adecuados para crear un ambiente relajante. Dispersa una niebla fresca, sin calor, y tiene la función de apagado automático.

25,99 €

The aromatherapy diffuser’s mist output can reach 35-50ml/h (low and high), perfect for 20-40㎡ space. Fits for home, bedroom, office, SPA, etc.

Aurmoo air freshener adopts super quiet ultrasound technology, transforms water and essential oil into ultra-fine mist to moisturize and freshen the air, perfect air fresheners to mask persistent smoke and pet odors , and can improve sleep quality.

Aromatherapy in homes with pets: Essential oils

Essential oils for aromatherapy in homes with pets are very important if you are looking to change the aroma of your home. 

The Gya Labs laboratory has 100% pure essential oils that can be used both in aromatherapy and to apply to skin or hair. It has varieties of aromas tolerated by pets and with therapeutic benefits:

100% pure essential oil from Gya Labs

Laguna Moon presents a pack of six 100% pure essential oils, with aromas of lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint, tea tree and orange, each one comes in 10 ml containers.

essential oils aromatherapy refill for homes with pets

Easy to mix and match for dilution. These essential oils help promote optimism and happiness , as well as sharpen memory. Perfect for home (bedroom, living room, bathroom, study room), office (work area, conference room), outdoors, camping, yoga room, car, spa and more.

Aromatherapy tips for homes with pets

Pets, especially dogs and cats, have a heightened and more sensitive sense of smell compared to humans, so some fragrances are potential irritants to pets, especially pets less than 10 weeks of age and brachycephalic breeds.

Tips for applying safe aromatherapy in homes with pets:

  • El área en la que se utilizan debe ser un área abierta y de la cual la mascota puede salir libremente.
  • Realiza una prueba de tolerancia al nuevo aceite difundiendo 1 o 2 gotas durante solo 10-15 minutos. Espera 24 horas y observa posibles reacciones en tu mascota.
  • Elige Aceites Esenciales que sean 100% puros y, siempre que sea posible, selecciona los que sean Orgánicos Certificados para evitar la exposición a químicos dañinos que a veces podrían usarse en el cultivo de planta con la que se elaboran.

According to New Directions Automatics , a wholesaler of 100% pure essential oils, these would be the ones indicated for safe aromatherapy in homes with pets:

Pet-friendly essential oils :

  • Chamomile
  • Marjoram
  • sage
  • Incense
  • Myrrh
  • ginger
  • yield

Essential Oils Considered Unsafe for Pets:

  • cinnamon and cassia
  • citrus
  • nails
  • Basil, oregano and thyme
  • Eucalyptus, mint and pennyroyal
  • Geranium, wintergreen and lavender
  • Pine, Fir and Tea Tree
  • ylang-ylang
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